The Clerk of Superior and State Courts Charitable Giving Program is intended to support the missions of charitable organizations directly providing services to residents of Rockdale County.  Funds may be used for special programs or projects, including strategic planning activities and the purchase of capital items.  They may also be sought to support on-going activities.  Such funds may be used to strengthen organizational capacity, including funding salaries for key staff and covering core operating expenses.

The Clerk awards gifts, generally, during the second quarter of each year.  Gifts have already been awarded for the calendar year 2019.  The Charitable Gift Application Form and the Program Guidelines will be posted via this website on Friday January 31, 2020.  Additional announcements about this year’s Charitable Giving Schedule will be posted on January 31st when the Application and Guidelines are available.

For more information relating to the Charitable Giving Program, please contact Chief Deputy Clerk James Cabe at 770-278-7863.