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Employee of the Month – December 2023

Congratulations to Shukura Cha-Jua!

Employee of the Month – December 2023

The Rockdale County Clerk of Courts Office is pleased to announce Shukura Cha Jua is the Employee of the Month for December 2023. Shukura the Legal Office Administrator, researches laws (code sections) ensuring our office remains in compliance and to learn how any changes affect our community.  She is very effective in assisting Madam Clerk at various functions, countywide and statewide. Shukura is also our public relations specialist. She is  very creative in her presentations, flyers, Facebook, and banner notifications. Shukura enjoys boosting morale and motivating others. If a department needs assistance, she is willing to offer a helping hand.

Thank you for your dedication to the office, Shukura, and congratulations!

Employee of the Month – October 2023

Congratulations to Jean Napolitano!

Employee of the Month – October 2023

The Rockdale County Clerk of Courts Office announces that Jean Napolitano is the Employee of the Month for October 2023. Jean is a conscientious worker. She goes above and beyond ensuring the Real Estate Division is covered when the division is short-staffed, such as when her manager is out. Jean helps her manager to maintain an excellent “good through date” for Real Estate filings in Rockdale County. She works well with her co-workers throughout the Clerk of Courts Office, ensuring duties are accomplished.

Congratulations Jean!!!

Employee of the Month – September 2023

Congratulations to Denise Moore!

Employee of the Month – September 2023

The Clerk of Courts office is pleased to announce Denise Moore as the Employee of the Month for September 2023. Denise takes pride in her work. She goes above and beyond to ensure tasks are completed. She has worked extra without complaint to help her division through a period of being short-staffed and training new employees. Denise always arrives early to prepare for the workday. She has prepared her own additional meticulous procedure manual. Ask her a question and she will quickly share her knowledge. Denise is a team player. On top of everything else, she spreads good cheer throughout the office!

Congratulations Denise!

Employee of the Month – August 2023

Congratulations to Bianca Topf!

(Employee of the Month – August 2023)


The Clerk of Courts Office is proud to name Bianca Topf as Employee of the Month for the month of August 2023. Bianca is a tremendously selfless, giving member of the COC. She has mastered all the front counter duties in the Superior Court Criminal Division, including the preparation of  the Bond calendar, and  processing the Appeals for our office. Her manager has said that she is  highly efficient, energetic, and one of the most organized people she has met. Weekly emails and phone calls are received regarding Bianca’s great work ethic and sunny disposition. Her division and others in the office can always enjoy a laugh and smile with Bianca, which is uplifting.

Congratulations, Bianca!

Employee of the Month – July 2023

Congratulations to Gretchen Landau!

(Employee of the Month – July 2023)

It is with great pleasure that the Clerk of Court’s Office announces Ms. Gretchen Landau as the Employee of the Month for July 2023. She focuses on and completes her accounting tasks with accuracy, doing her part to maintain the integrity of the accounts. Gretchen is always willing to answer any questions regarding cashing procedures and reports from her co-workers. She does so with patience and clarity. Gretchen also has years of experience working in the court system, which means she has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Gretchen brings tons of energy and spunk to our office daily. Her witty commentary keeps our offices filled with smiles and laughter. With her great personality and great work ethics, she is not someone you will forget!

Congratulations, Gretchen!

CPR, AED & First Aid Training – June 2023

Clerk’s Office received CPR, AED and First Aid Training – Provided by RC EMA

(Please click on the picture to see the video.)
Our staff received their CPR AED Training and Certification provided by Rockdale County Emergency Management Agency – RC EMA.


Employee of the Month – June 2023

Congratulations to Shelly Hunter!

It is with pleasure that the Superior and State Court Clerk’s Office names Shelly Hunter as the Employee of the Month for June 2023. As the Senior Accountant, she is the master of resolution when it comes to financial challenges. Because of her excellent organization and time management skills, she has kept the Clerk’s office on target with laws and regulations and within budget. Shelly also aids in ensuring we are utilizing best practices as they relate to our Cashiering Policy and Procedures. Her critical thinking skills, analytical thinking skills and proficiency has enabled her to perform in an above and beyond manner, whatever the task. Shelly also gives outstanding customer service to both internal and external customers. Shelly has a big heart! She makes a point to console and pray for her co-workers as she becomes aware of a need. It is also not unusual to hear her say, “I brought breakfast sandwiches for whoever wants them!”

from all here in the Superior and State Court Clerk’s Office!


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