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Employee of the Month – July 2023

Congratulations to Gretchen Landau!

(Employee of the Month – July 2023)

It is with great pleasure that the Clerk of Court’s Office announces Ms. Gretchen Landau as the Employee of the Month for July 2023. She focuses on and completes her accounting tasks with accuracy, doing her part to maintain the integrity of the accounts. Gretchen is always willing to answer any questions regarding cashing procedures and reports from her co-workers. She does so with patience and clarity. Gretchen also has years of experience working in the court system, which means she has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Gretchen brings tons of energy and spunk to our office daily. Her witty commentary keeps our offices filled with smiles and laughter. With her great personality and great work ethics, she is not someone you will forget!

Congratulations, Gretchen!

CPR, AED & First Aid Training – June 2023

Clerk’s Office received CPR, AED and First Aid Training – Provided by RC EMA

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Our staff received their CPR AED Training and Certification provided by Rockdale County Emergency Management Agency – RC EMA.


Employee of the Month – June 2023

Congratulations to Shelly Hunter!

It is with pleasure that the Superior and State Court Clerk’s Office names Shelly Hunter as the Employee of the Month for June 2023. As the Senior Accountant, she is the master of resolution when it comes to financial challenges. Because of her excellent organization and time management skills, she has kept the Clerk’s office on target with laws and regulations and within budget. Shelly also aids in ensuring we are utilizing best practices as they relate to our Cashiering Policy and Procedures. Her critical thinking skills, analytical thinking skills and proficiency has enabled her to perform in an above and beyond manner, whatever the task. Shelly also gives outstanding customer service to both internal and external customers. Shelly has a big heart! She makes a point to console and pray for her co-workers as she becomes aware of a need. It is also not unusual to hear her say, “I brought breakfast sandwiches for whoever wants them!”

from all here in the Superior and State Court Clerk’s Office!

Passport Appreciation

Congratulations to the Passport Team!

Madam Clerk Janice Morris presented our Passport Department staff, Mrs. Angie and Mrs. Cheryl with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of their outstanding customer service. We would like to thank our passport staff for all that they do.


Employee of the Month – May 2023

Congratulations to Chalon Kemp!

Congratulations to Chalon Kemp for being selected as Employee of the Month for May 2023! She has been referred to as the “heartbeat” of the Civil Division. She comes to work upbeat and pleasant. Her forte is stellar customer service. Chalon always presents herself according to the core principles of this office, Approachable, Accessible, and Accountable. She does not hesitate to step in and help, using her knowledge, in any situation. Congratulations again Chalon!

Congratulations Chalon!

Employee of the Month – April 2023

Congratulations to Marche’ Aderhold!

It is with great pleasure that we announce Marche’ Aderhold as the Clerk of Court’s Employee of the Month for April 2023. Marche’ is always pleasant and helpful to all she encounters, even under times of pressure. She is learning her new role as a lead courtroom clerk for the State Court with enthusiasm. Marche’ also assists with the Jury Team. Her willingness to assist with the Jury Team and her ability to tackle additional duties within the State Court Criminal Division demonstrates her dedication, dependability, and ability to adapt to changes. Marche’ is highly valued by our office.

Congratulations Marche’ !

Madam Clerk, the Honorable Janice Morris & Rockdale Girls Softball Association

The Honorable Janice Morris threw out the opening day starting pitch for the Rockdale Girls Softball Association.

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Madam Clerk Janice Morris had an opportunity to threw out the opening day starting pitch for the Rockdale Girls Softball Association.


Employee of the Month – March 2023

Congratulations to Amanda Hunter!

Amanda knows her job and educates the public on how to record land records, power of attorneys, DD214(S) for military by veterans, and how to become a notary public. She facilitated converting records to a digitized system involving the historical books, plats, liens, etc. Amanda projects harmony within her department with her positive attitude and she is a joy to work with. She presents herself with integrity and exhibits a consistent behavior even when faced with adversity when short staffed. She often comes early and stays late when necessary. One example of her strong work ethic occurred when she had her wisdom teeth removed. She came to work in pain and swollen to support her short-staffed department. She was more concerned about making sure her department was running well than with her own health. Of course, her manager sent her home. This incident made others around her respect her even more.

Congratulations Amanda!

Madam Clerk @Georgia State Capital

The Honorable Janice Morris Engaged Students at the State Capital

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Madam Clerk Janice Morris had an opportunity to speak with high school students from Hinesville, Ga while she was visiting the Georgia State Capital.



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