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Employee of the Month – March 2022

Congratulations to Ms. Shadawna Pacley!

Shadawna continues to excel in her ability to lead. She consistently demonstrates her strength to perform under pressure by utilizing the tools/training provided to find solutions. Shadawna is patient and courteous with customers and staff; and is often known to make them laugh and feel welcome. Shadawna on several occasions has proven herself a dependable and trustworthy team player. She serves as a “go to” person for Civil and Passports and does so without complaint. Her adaptability to address and resolve challenges and assist in diffusing situations make her a vital part of the team. Her enthusiasm and dedication are crucial to the success of our division goals.

Employee of the Month – February 2022

Congratulations to Mrs. Shannon McDonald!

Shannon exhibits a consistent courteous demeanor with each customer she encounters. Her interactions with the public are professional and create a positive court-related experience. Arriving to work early or volunteering to help out is a common practice with Shannon. Her creativity has provided us with colorful divider labels for citation placement and decorative pen holders for the public’s use. It is easy to see that Shannon is approachable, by the demeanor she displays, accessible by being ready to help out, and accountable by arriving early to work each day.

Employee of the Month – January 2022

Congratulations to Ms. Ginger Gray!

Ginger has exhibited qualities of an excellent employee. She has faced the challenge of preparing for a newly appointed Judge and an additional upcoming Judge. She initiated inquiries for software changes and worked to help make them so she has prepared necessary documents. Ginger also worked diligently with the DA’s Office to transition with Attorney Manager. Ginger has also been observed working with other managers resolving day to day issues. The Judge’s staff, DA’s office, Sheriff’s department, and Public Defender’s office also use her as a go to person. On top of all this, she still has time to ensure her staff has the tools and support to do their tasks. She finds humor and joy while juggling all her roles. Dependable? No doubt. Her expertise and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our jobs that serve Rockdale County citizens should not go unnoticed.

BOE Appreciation Luncheon

BOE Appreciation Luncheon

The Rockdale County Board of Equalization held their Annual Board meeting and appreciation luncheon last week. Madam Clerk, Janice Morris would like to congratulate board members Addie Sims and Kevin York for their 10 years of Service! We appreciate ALL the members for their dedicated service to the citizens of Rockdale County.

Madam Clerk would also like to recognize the Board of Equalization Administrative Assistant, Yaylin Williams, Court Tech Specialist, Sidney Billingsley, and Chief Deputy Clerk, Hilary Maloy for their hard work and dedication to the Board of Equalization each day. You Rock!


Leadership Rockdale 2021

Leadership Rockdale “Best Class” of 2021

Conyers Christmas Parade 2021

Conyers Christmas Parade 2021

GABCO Award : State Court Clerk of the Year

Congratulations Madam Clerk, Janice Morris!

This past Saturday, December 6th, Madam Clerk received an award from President Marvin S. Arrington Jr. of the GABCO and was named the State Court Clerk of the Year. Madam Clerk is honored to be the recipient of this prestigious award. She would like to extend congratulations to all of the other nominees. Madam Clerk would also like to dedicate this award to the rest of her staff at the Rockdale County Clerk of Superior & State Courts. “I would like to thank my staff for doing an amazing job. This award represents all the hard work my staff has done. Thank you Rockdale County for your support.”

Employee of the Month – Decemeber 2021

Congratulations to Mrs. Sheila Dodd!


“Shelia often goes above and beyond when helping customers. One example is when a customer came up to sign over a cash bond. The customer went to the wrong floor for assistance and was having difficulty finding her way around the courthouse. Shelia went down to where the customer was, retrieved all necessary information and then came back up to the office to process the request. An email was provided to me stating how polite Shelia was and how she went above and beyond to assist the customer. This is common practice for Shelia when it comes to assisting the public.”

“Shelia is always very sweet and helpful when I have to work with her. There are several times throughout the week where she is called upon to locate documents or even help me understand what exactly I’m doing. I can call her 10 times and she is still kind and helpful with each call! I know when I call on Shelia for assistance she does everything to try to be helpful and resolve any issues.”

Employee of the Month – November 2021

Congratulations to Mrs. Hilary Maloy!

Hilary is the go-to person for EVERYTHING & EVERYONE! She goes above and beyond to find answers and solutions to every issue or problem that arises. She is a walking wealth of information. If I have ever had a question regarding policies, other department ‘s procedures or just advice in general, Hilary is always there with an answer for me. We often call her Houdini because of how often she disappears from her office. The reason for this is that she is pulled in so many directions and wears the hat of so many different job titles. It is truly mind boggling! Hilary handles a tremendous workload and always wears a smile no matter the circumstance. She has an exceptional work ethic and displays it in every single thing she does. Her quantity and quality of work speaks for itself! She is a dependable coworker, an awesome office manager, and a great asset to our COC family.

Congratulations Hilary!!



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