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COC Spotlight Events

Employee of the Month – September 2022

Congratulations to Kim Gillespie !

Kim is a joy to be around. She is always pleasant and helpful to the jurors on jury days and is always helpful to her co-workers. Her attitude is consistently pleasant and seems to always be willing to lend a hand when needed. When requests are sent to Kim, she responds quickly and makes sure the tasks are completed in a timely manner. Kim is a joy to be around!

Congratulations Kim !!

Employee of the Month – August 2022

Congratulations to Amy Coleman !

Amy Coleman was nominated as the Employee of the month because of her “won’t stop”, “can’t stop” mentality! Amy’s knowledge and willingness to always help out not just clerks from other divisions,  but also courthouse staff, attorney’s, investigators and Judges. Amy’s sunny disposition and good humor makes her a joy to work with. She’s extremely determined and detailed in whatever tasks she’s faced with. Amy often goes above and beyond the scope of her actual job responsibilities assisting others outside of our office. Amy personifies what it means to be Approachable, Accessible, and Accountable!

Congratulations Amy !!

Employee of the Month – July 2022

Congratulations to B’Trina Washington !

Congratulations B’Trina Washington for being our Employee of the Month for July! B’Trina has been a dedicated employee of the State Court Criminal Division for 15 years. Consistently, she has demonstrated her ability to complete all tasks assigned and is a great go-to person for her co-workers, as well as other departments. B’Trina not only completes her tasks but offers assistance to others when she sees that help is needed. She has stepped in to assist at the front counter as well as the courtroom when staff has been limited. B’Trina demonstrates the ability to perform well under pressure and comes up with creative solutions to get the job done. B’Trina is a staple in the office and in times of need she steps up to the plate to make sure that not only is the job done, but that it is done right!

Congratulations B’Trina !!

Employee of the Month – June 2022

Congratulations to Mrs. Cynthia Johnson !

Cynthia has been an asset to the State Court Criminal Division since her days as a temporary employee. She consistently has demonstrated her ability to complete all tasks assigned with a very low error rate. Cynthia is a go-to person for her co-workers, assisting with inquiries regarding tasks. She is never idle. This is demonstrated by her assisting co-workers with their work loads and assisting the Manager with projects, such as raising our State ranking with GCIC for clearing time restricted records. She is self-motivated. For example, in her “spare time” she initiates checking on cases and citations that are still pending that normally have been dispositioned by that point in time. She determines why and who needs to be informed, so they can be closed. Also, Cynthia is not hesitant to take on new responsibilities. She has taken on more court sessions within the last year. These are just a few reasons why she deserves to the Employee of the Month for June.

Congratulations Cynthia!!

Rockdale County Clerk of Superior and State Courts Janice Morris Scholarship Recipients Class of 2022

Rockdale County Clerk of Superior and State Courts would like to recognize four Rockdale County high school graduates for winning the Janice Morris Scholarship for 2022. The Rockdale County Clerk of Superior and State Courts U.N.D.E.R.D.O.G.S Initiative was created for students to be awarded a monetary scholarship by preparing an essay explaining a time when they overcame adversity and their desire to pursue a higher education. Each student’s essay was scored based on a list of criteria that included Academic Goals, Barriers to Persistence, Organizational skills, and Writing Mechanics.
U.N.D.E.R.D.O.G.S. stands for Unwavering Neighbors Demonstrating Exceptional Resilience and Dominating Obstacles for Ground-Breaking Success
The four students were awarded $1000 Scholarships for demonstrating exceptional writing skills and have shown a strong promise for succeeding in college and beyond.
Winning Rockdale County High School recipients are:
Natavia White, who graduated from Heritage High School and was accepted into The Art Institute of Atlanta.
Katlynn Patton, who graduated from Rockdale County High School and was accepted into in the Pre-Nursing program at Georgia State University.
Nylah Ductan, who graduated from Rockdale Magnet School and has been accepted into Columbia University.
Iyanna Smith, who graduated from Salem High School and has been accepted into the University of West Georgia.

The awards were presented on May 31, 2022, at the Rockdale County Courthouse by Madam Clerk, Janice Morris and the U.N.D.E.R.D.O.G.S. task force team. This initiative will kick off again in August for the upcoming graduating high school class of 2023.
Check out our website at www.rockdaleclerk.com or follow us on our Facebook page: Rockdale County Clerk of Superior & State Courts.



Employee of the Month – May 2022

Congratulations to Mr. Danny Bui!

Danny is always dependable and available to assist with any technology problems that may arise. He is fast as lightning to respond to solving a problem. Danny takes the extra mile to get his job done and any additional duties thrown his way. Danny never complains and his positive attitude is contagious throughout the Clerk of Courts Office. Danny steps up and assists in other departments even when it is not his responsibility. Danny is a true asset to the Clerk of Courts Office.

Congratulations Danny!!

Employee of the Month – April 2022

Congratulations to Mrs. Teresa Smith!

Teresa Smiths dedication, strong work ethic and reliability. This young lady begins her day at 7:30 AM each morning ensuring that the office is set up for the workday. Her normal routine is to come in and start the computers to make certain they are readily accessible for the citizens. Many days I have witnessed her sitting quietly at her desk focused on her work ensuring that every dot is dotted and every “T” is crossed. Not only does she have an excellent work ethic she is also reliable. If our manager is out of the office she assumes the role of manager and provides guidance to her counterparts. Her dedication has been simply shown through her 30 years of dedication to the Clerk of Courts Office. We enjoy her each and every day from her quick wit to her infectious laughter and of course the pounding on the desk! She will be missed when she’s gone!”

Congratulations Teresa!!

Employee of the Month – March 2022

Congratulations to Ms. Shadawna Pacley!

Shadawna continues to excel in her ability to lead. She consistently demonstrates her strength to perform under pressure by utilizing the tools/training provided to find solutions. Shadawna is patient and courteous with customers and staff; and is often known to make them laugh and feel welcome. Shadawna on several occasions has proven herself a dependable and trustworthy team player. She serves as a “go to” person for Civil and Passports and does so without complaint. Her adaptability to address and resolve challenges and assist in diffusing situations make her a vital part of the team. Her enthusiasm and dedication are crucial to the success of our division goals.

Employee of the Month – February 2022

Congratulations to Mrs. Shannon McDonald!

Shannon exhibits a consistent courteous demeanor with each customer she encounters. Her interactions with the public are professional and create a positive court-related experience. Arriving to work early or volunteering to help out is a common practice with Shannon. Her creativity has provided us with colorful divider labels for citation placement and decorative pen holders for the public’s use. It is easy to see that Shannon is approachable, by the demeanor she displays, accessible by being ready to help out, and accountable by arriving early to work each day.

Employee of the Month – January 2022

Congratulations to Ms. Ginger Gray!

Ginger has exhibited qualities of an excellent employee. She has faced the challenge of preparing for a newly appointed Judge and an additional upcoming Judge. She initiated inquiries for software changes and worked to help make them so she has prepared necessary documents. Ginger also worked diligently with the DA’s Office to transition with Attorney Manager. Ginger has also been observed working with other managers resolving day to day issues. The Judge’s staff, DA’s office, Sheriff’s department, and Public Defender’s office also use her as a go to person. On top of all this, she still has time to ensure her staff has the tools and support to do their tasks. She finds humor and joy while juggling all her roles. Dependable? No doubt. Her expertise and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our jobs that serve Rockdale County citizens should not go unnoticed.


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