COC Spotlight Events

Employee of the Month- October 2021

Congratulations to Mrs. Adrienne Brown!

Since becoming the “New Girl” of the Superior Criminal Division, Adrienne has been a tremendous beam of light. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge from the Civil Division which is relatable to a lot of what is done in Superior Criminal. Not only did Adrienne hit the ground running with both feet, she offers assistance with the front counter duties without having to be asked to do so. Adrienne also pitches in to help out her teammates with whatever they may have pending when she has down time which is very rare. Adrienne has a thirst for knowledge and she’s always pushing herself to be better. She’s like a sponge soaking up everything! Adrienne has exceeded any and all expectations that have been set for her as a Deputy Clerk II. Not only is she a friend to everyone, Adrienne is also highly respected by her colleagues. Great since of humor, dependable, willingness to help others, great work ethics with a positive attitude are words that describe Adrienne “New Girl” Brown!!

Employee of the Month – September 2021

Congratulations to Mrs. Angie Inge!

The Clerk of Courts Employee of the month for September goes to Angie Inge! Angie has exhibited performance that is consistently done with integrity and excellence. As the Jury Clerk, Angie maintains her duties without reminder or being micro-managed. She is stellar when working under pressure and receives public praise frequently. Her knowledge and experience has been a beautiful addition to the entire Clerk of Courts Office and public. Her positive attitude, smile, mix with her New Orleans spice brings laughter to the office that makes her irreplaceable. That is why, Angie Inge is deserving of such recognition and we proudly salute her for being the September Employee of the Month. Job well done, Angie!

Employee of the Month – August 2021

Congratulations to Ms. Chris Rackley!

Chris is always willing to help others and the first to volunteer when needed. She interacts really well with her other team members and provides professional and great customer service as the front desk Clerk for the Superior Criminal Division. No matter the day or hour, Chris always displays such a positive attitude. Often times, Chris is commended by the attorneys for her job knowledge and customer service skills. She takes pride in her work and always able to keep the office smiling. She has a kind and sweet spirit and will always go above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done. Anytime, the Court Office Manager or Madam Clerk need help with an event, Chris is always there to lend a helping hand. Chris is known to take on new job task with ease and in return, the quality of work she gives is always good. Indeed, Chris Rackley is a phenomenal woman with a great work ethic, and every department needs a Chris Rack-Attack? That is why, August 2021 Employee of the Month goes to Ms. Chris Rackley! Job well done!

Employee of the Month – July 2021

Congratulations Mrs. Natalie Rogers!

Natalie Rogers

Natalie has consistently demonstrated patience and a positive teamwork approach within the Clerk’s Office. She has shown her ability to interact with the public in such a polite and professional manner. Natalie is always on time and ready to work, no matter the time of day. Her ability to multi-task has helped even in her ability to assist in the training of two new employees within the Civil Division. Throughout that process, Natalie has been very helpful, making her new peers feel comfortable during their in-service training. Lastly, even when Natalie has dealt with any increase in her workload, she has maintained a bright smile. This award of recognition is well-deserved and we congratulate Natalie Rogers for her hard work and dedication.


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