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The Clerk of Superior Court is elected to administer the proper registration and retention of official documents. Included are civil and criminal proceedings, real estate transactions and various other essential records, as well as over-seeing administration of the jury system and the Board of Equalization.

Janice Morris - CSC
Clerk of Superior and State Courts

Amanda Hunter
Real Estate Division Manager

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Real Estate Land Records

The Real Estate Office is responsible for receiving, recording, processing, indexing, and maintaining a copy of all documents related to real estate within Rockdale County. A document that affects the title to real estate must be filed with the Clerk’s Office in order to become public notice. The Clerk’s Office does not provide forms for preparing these documents. Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is also filed here and serves public notice that personal properties (equipment, furnishing, vehicles, crops, etc.) have outstanding liens against them.

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How do I add/remove someone from my deed?

The Real Estate division of the Clerk of Courts office is simply the holder of the land records located in Rockdale County. Our office does not make changes to records on file. In order to have someone added or removed from a deed, a new deed must be prepared. To have a deed prepared, please consult with a licensed real estate attorney to ensure the deed is prepared accurately. Once the deed is prepared it will then be brought to the Real Estate Division of the Rockdale Clerk of Courts office to be put on the public record.

Where can I obtain a copy of foreclosure sales/tax sales list?

Foreclosure auctions are held on the front steps of the Rockdale County Courthouse on the 1st Tuesday of every month. The listings can be found in the Rockdale Citizen on the four Wednesdays prior to the auction.  The Tax Commissioner’s office handles properties that are delinquent in taxes. Information regarding previous and upcoming tax sales can be found by visiting their website at

My house is paid off, when will I receive the title to my house?

Unlike with a car, your house does not actually have a “title”. When you purchase real property such as a house, you are said to be “taking title”. What you receive however, is a deed and perhaps an abstract of title summarizing your home’s ownership history. When you purchase or otherwise receive property, your deed is added to its chain of title. Upon paying off your mortgage loan in full, your lender will file what is called a Cancellation of Deed to Secure Debt. This along with the deed that you received when you purchased your property will be used to show ownership of your home.


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