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Congratulations to Mrs. Teresa Smith!

Teresa Smiths dedication, strong work ethic and reliability. This young lady begins her day at 7:30 AM each morning ensuring that the office is set up for the workday. Her normal routine is to come in and start the computers to make certain they are readily accessible for the citizens. Many days I have witnessed her sitting quietly at her desk focused on her work ensuring that every dot is dotted and every “T” is crossed. Not only does she have an excellent work ethic she is also reliable. If our manager is out of the office she assumes the role of manager and provides guidance to her counterparts. Her dedication has been simply shown through her 30 years of dedication to the Clerk of Courts Office. We enjoy her each and every day from her quick wit to her infectious laughter and of course the pounding on the desk! She will be missed when she’s gone!”

Congratulations Teresa!!