Congratulations to Mrs. Sheila Dodd!


“Shelia often goes above and beyond when helping customers. One example is when a customer came up to sign over a cash bond. The customer went to the wrong floor for assistance and was having difficulty finding her way around the courthouse. Shelia went down to where the customer was, retrieved all necessary information and then came back up to the office to process the request. An email was provided to me stating how polite Shelia was and how she went above and beyond to assist the customer. This is common practice for Shelia when it comes to assisting the public.”

“Shelia is always very sweet and helpful when I have to work with her. There are several times throughout the week where she is called upon to locate documents or even help me understand what exactly I’m doing. I can call her 10 times and she is still kind and helpful with each call! I know when I call on Shelia for assistance she does everything to try to be helpful and resolve any issues.”