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Congratulations to Mrs. Cynthia Johnson !

Cynthia has been an asset to the State Court Criminal Division since her days as a temporary employee. She consistently has demonstrated her ability to complete all tasks assigned with a very low error rate. Cynthia is a go-to person for her co-workers, assisting with inquiries regarding tasks. She is never idle. This is demonstrated by her assisting co-workers with their work loads and assisting the Manager with projects, such as raising our State ranking with GCIC for clearing time restricted records. She is self-motivated. For example, in her “spare time” she initiates checking on cases and citations that are still pending that normally have been dispositioned by that point in time. She determines why and who needs to be informed, so they can be closed. Also, Cynthia is not hesitant to take on new responsibilities. She has taken on more court sessions within the last year. These are just a few reasons why she deserves to the Employee of the Month for June.

Congratulations Cynthia!!