Congratulations to Mrs. Hilary Maloy!

Hilary is the go-to person for EVERYTHING & EVERYONE! She goes above and beyond to find answers and solutions to every issue or problem that arises. She is a walking wealth of information. If I have ever had a question regarding policies, other department ‘s procedures or just advice in general, Hilary is always there with an answer for me. We often call her Houdini because of how often she disappears from her office. The reason for this is that she is pulled in so many directions and wears the hat of so many different job titles. It is truly mind boggling! Hilary handles a tremendous workload and always wears a smile no matter the circumstance. She has an exceptional work ethic and displays it in every single thing she does. Her quantity and quality of work speaks for itself! She is a dependable coworker, an awesome office manager, and a great asset to our COC family.

Congratulations Hilary!!