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Congratulations to Mrs. Adrienne Brown!

Since becoming the “New Girl” of the Superior Criminal Division, Adrienne has been a tremendous beam of light. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge from the Civil Division which is relatable to a lot of what is done in Superior Criminal. Not only did Adrienne hit the ground running with both feet, she offers assistance with the front counter duties without having to be asked to do so. Adrienne also pitches in to help out her teammates with whatever they may have pending when she has down time which is very rare. Adrienne has a thirst for knowledge and she’s always pushing herself to be better. She’s like a sponge soaking up everything! Adrienne has exceeded any and all expectations that have been set for her as a Deputy Clerk II. Not only is she a friend to everyone, Adrienne is also highly respected by her colleagues. Great since of humor, dependable, willingness to help others, great work ethics with a positive attitude are words that describe Adrienne “New Girl” Brown!!