Approachable, Accessible and Accountable.

Janice Morris is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. But later moved to the great state of Georgia in 1988. She has been a proud Rockdale County resident and homeowner for over 20 years alongside her husband of 22 years. Morris received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of New Orleans and a non-profit certification from UGA’s Terry Collins Foundation.

Prior to being elected to the office as Clerk of Courts, Morris has shown her dedication, dependability, and commitment to the citizens of Rockdale County. Since 2000, Morris has served as Chief Operational Officer (COO), of a successful 501(c3) nonprofit organization, Helping Hands Outreach Clinic, in which she co-founded with her husband. While in this role, she held management and budget experience with the oversight of a large operating budget.

Over the years, Janice has served on multiple boards within Rockdale County to include being the former Chairman of the Rockdale County Census, an Advisory Board Member for the Rockdale County Career Academy’s Health Care Science Program, former Chairman of Rockdale County’s Domestic Violence Task Force under the leadership of State Court Judge, Nancy Bills, a member of the 4 Sarah Human Trafficking Board. Also, she served on the Advisory Board for Viewpoint Health and a former appointed Rockdale County Juror Commissioner under the direction of retired Chief Superior Court Judge, David Irwin from 2012 until 2020. Morris has an extensive track record of public service and leadership in Rockdale County and will continue her servantship as the Clerk of Courts.

With a primary focus of being Approachable, Accessible and Accountable, Morris will lead the Clerk’s Office with the “People’s Agenda” goals of maintaining a balanced budget, the assurance of policy and procedures being properly regulated by the Clerk of Courts, her commitment to having the best stellar customer service and updated software. But most importantly, encouraging citizens to be more involved in local government and the services rendered within the Rockdale County Clerk of Superior and State Courts.


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Superior Court Clerk's Office
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Jury Phone: (770) 278-7902

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State Court Clerk's Office
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